Hello, I'm Kristine Hinrichs

I'm a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based photographer who has been shooting and posting a photo every day in my thirteenth year. My subjects range widely but are primarily of the city, the city before dawn, the beauty of Lake Michigan, my travels, and a few country wanderings. My daily photos are posted on my Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook pages. If you'd like to scan through my images, head to Instagram. My award-winning work has been exhibited in local, regional, and national galleries All of my work is available for purchase. I can make prints up to 17" x 22" and facilitate larger work. My work has been printed as large as 10' x 17' (yes, feet). Given the shipping and handling charged by many sites and my commitment to quality control, your best bet is to contact me directly.

Aquae Nguvu Exhibition
This is work that was exhibited for my Fall 2023 solo exhibition at the Aquae Nguvu Gallery, in the Marshall Building in Milwaukee's Third Ward. You can also follow the link to my YouTube tour https://youtu.be/p4dPOEimBjY
Photographs Printed on Silk
These pieces are photographs that I print on silk - using pigment ink and specially treated fabric. The panel pieces consist of three panels - the outer two silk organza - suspended on clear rods in a clear bracket. They provide a 3-D effect and move softly in the slightest breeze. They are generally 17" x 25" or 25" x 17", with a 5" depth. Larger pieces are available via commission. The woven pieces consist of two separate photographs woven in 1/4" or 1/2" strips. Each is two separate photographs taken a second or less apart. The remaining pieces are also printed on silk, backed by a light batting, and hand quilted. The stitches are approximately ten to the inch.
Exhibitions & Contests
Many of my photographs have been selected for local, regional, and national exhibition including the biannual Racine Art Museum "Photography 2018, 2020, and 2022" and , Secura 2020 & 2021, Plymouth Art Center 2020 & 2021, No Studios, Art Bar Milwaukee, Coalition of Photographic Arts, Midwest Center for Photography, Miller Art Museum, Rountree Gallery, Cedarburg Art Museum, Cedarburg Cultural Center, Artless Bastard, Art Garage Gallery, Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago's ARC Gallery, and Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis.
Milwaukee Art Museum
In the City
Outside Looking in Looking Out - Personal Project
These images make use of windows and reflections to show the city in a different light.
Essential, Invisible - Personal Project
I am drawn to those "essential" workers who don't get much notice - the invisible workers taking the bus to work in the dark, those cleaning our restaurants before they open, the delivery people - even the "street people" who clean the cans and recycles from our streets.
Night Train Personal Project
Light the Hoan
A Little of This a Little of that
Country Roads
Greeting Card Sets
Greeting card sets are available for purchase. Each set contains four cards and is presented in a clear acrylic box and included the "back card" shown. The cards are blank inside and printed on high quality photo paper. Each card is 5" x 7", folded.
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